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What is ICM Photography?

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What is ICM Photography?

ICM Photography is intentional camera movement photography. It is moving the camera with a purpose to create an abstract looking photograph. You can pan the camera side to side, tilt the camera up and down, move the camera diagonally, spin the camera, or zoom in or out with the camera lens all while the photo is being exposed.

Here is an example of panning the camera sideways:


Here is an example of moving the camera diagonally:

abstract 2

Here is an example of zooming in the lens:

abstract 1

Here is an example of tilting the camera up and down:

smudge sunset

ICM is all about experimenting with your camera settings and movement. It takes a steady hand because you have to move without the tripod. My favorite part about ICM is that every exposure you will create something different. You just have to experiment with the speed you are moving the camera, or how long the shutter is opened. Let your imagination go wild.


NC Oyster Festival

oyster festWe are excited to be attending the NC Oyster Festival in Ocean Isle Beach, NC on Oct. 17th and 18th.  There will be some great food and bands playing at the event.  This will be our first time in North Carolina with our Limited Edition Photography.  We have some amazing pieces from Ocean Isle Beach that will be for sale.

Heading to the Beach – panoramic taken near the pier just after sunrise

Heading to the Beach

Heading to the Beach

Depth – taken under the Ocean Isle Beach Pier



Docked & Free – taken down the canal on the north side of the island

Docked & Free

Docked & Free

We are currently taking preorders for the festival.  Order until Oct. 2nd, 2015 and it will available for pickup at our tent during the festival, these items will not be shipped.  With our preorders, you will receive an extra 10% off our art show prices.  That will be a total of 60% off our retail prices.  Go to and use the promo code “preoib” – excludes gift cards.  We will be taking preorders up until Oct. 2nd, 2015 at 11:59pm EST.  We look forward be meeting our new fans in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

New Product: Gift Cards

We are proud to offer gift cards.  This is the perfect way to jumpstart someone’s art collection for them.  You purchase the gift card at and we will email you your gift card.  Then you can print it and put it in a card.  The gift cards can be used to purchase items on our store site or just bring the gift card to our tent at any art festival we are attending.  Get an early jump on your holiday giving and let your loved one pick out the perfect piece of

Photography Challenge

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Want to improve your photography?  Take part in our weekly photography challenges.  The only way to improve your photography is by getting out there and taking pictures.  Here is how it works:

Every Friday, we will post this weeks challenge here on our blog, our Facebook and twitter pages.  Get out during the week and take the photo for this week’s challenge.  Then post it to our Facebook page ( or send it to us on twitter at @wrsphotosc and #wrsphotochallenge.

Our first challenge will start today and go through 6/18.

This week challenge is: Trees

angel-oak copy

Let your imagination go and focus on trees.  It can be the whole tree or part of the tree.  Remember that photography is about striking emotion into someone who views the picture.  Find that tree that speaks to you and capture it’s glory.

After you get our photo, post it to our Facebook Page or tag us on twitter @wrsphotosc and #wrsphotochallenge.  Happy Shooting!!

Why Metal Prints Rock

In years past, professional nature and landscape photographers and galleries around the world have used a process called Acrylic Face Mounting to present their high quality pieces. Acrylic face mounting is a difficult process and the finished pieces are extremely fragile. Something as simple as running a towel across the surface of an acrylic face mounted print can leave scratches that cannot be polished, buffed out or repaired in any way.
Metal prints are a brand new and exciting way to produce high quality photographic prints that are unsurpassed in their beauty, depth, detail and durability. Metal prints are scratch resistant, waterproof and will fade or yellow over time. Two independent and highly respebehind the dunescted research and testing laboratories have conducted environmental life tests on metal prints and have concluded that metal prints are the longest lasting photo medium on the market.
The UV resistant coating is bonded to .045 inch aluminum sheeting that in turn is used to create a fine art piece using an amazing process that is called Sublimation. During this process, a digital image is printed in reverse onto a special transfer paper and then using a heat press, the transfer paper is pressed onto the surface of the aluminum sheet at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature heated press causes the inks to transfer from the paper directly into the poly-based coating of the aluminum in the form of a gas. The print is not simply placed on top of the surface of aluminum, but instead fused into the surface of the piece.
This is why we love our work on metal and why we only offer our Artist Proofs on metal. We want our work to last you the longest and be able to be past down to future generations.

How to Take Photographs of Fireworks

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We have been asked several times on how to photograph fireworks so grab your camera manual and here we go.



  1. Use a Tripod – this is important because you do want to have camera shake.  It is going to be nighttime and you will be using a longer exposure time.
  2. Turn off the Flash – You are looking to capture the colors and flight path of the fireworks.  The flash will ruin the shot so turn it off.Image
  3. Use a Remote Release – If you have a remote for the camera to open the shutter that would be great.  If you have to touch the camera you may cause it to shake.
  4. Wide-Angle Shots – Go for wide-angle shots.  You might not be able to predict the path of the fireworks and you will have more room for error on guessing where they are going to be.  You can always crop down the photograph after you have taken it.
  5. Use Manual Mode (M) – You will want to use manual mode and manual focus. In low light situations, the autofocus has a hard time focusing. Using Manual focus will allow you to set the focus and you won’t have to wait each time for the autofocus to adjust it self. If you can set the focus to infinity (∞), this will allow everything to be in focus. In manual mode you will have greater control of your camera and you will be able to get the settings we will mention below.
  6. Aperture – We recommend a setting of f/8 or f/11. Many think you need a fast lens but you really don’t. Fireworks put off a lot of light so a midrange aperture will work great.
  7. Shutter Speed – The hardest part of it all is getting the right shutter speed. This will take some experimenting. You will want to use Bulb (B) mode, if your camera lets you. The Bulb mode will keep the shutter open as long as you are holding down the shutter button. You will want to hold it open until the firework has had it’s burst. If you cannot set your camera to Bulb mode then start with ½ second and go from there. Also, this will allow you to capture multiple bursts. We would recommend one to three bursts. The more bursts you capture in one shutter release the better the chance they will run into each other.
  8. ISO – You will want to use a low ISO so you image will become clean. A low ISO will also remove the grain you get with higher ISO. Go for ISO 100.Image
  9. Experiment – The only way to get good at taking fireworks is experimenting. When you are experimenting keep track of what you did for each shot. Then when you find one you like the results from use it. Don’t be afraid to try new settings on the camera.
  10. Shoot many photographs – The great part of digital photography is that you get instant feedback and you don’t have film costs. Take picture after picture. If your first exposure is too dim, hold down the shutter longer or set a long shutter time. If the fireworks are blending together, try just to get one burst.

The first setting of my camera would be ISO 100, f/8, ½ second shutter speed, and focus set at infinity (∞). If you cannot set your camera to these settings try to use the nighttime landscape setting on the camera and set to manual focus. That setting will turn off the flash, use a longer exposure time, and allow the camera to focus manually.

These are 10 tips to get you started in the right direction. Now go out and practice taking some nighttime shots before the 4th of July.



Here are links to Canon and Nikon if you have lost your manual you can go there and find it.

Canon –

Nikon –

Sunrises in Beaufort, SC

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Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular all year long in Beaufort, SC.  There are some colors that you will not see anywhere else almost on a daily basis.  My favorite ones are in the fall.  The sunrises and sunsets allow for some of the most beautiful backdrops for your outdoor portrait sessions.  We love photographing outdoors on the beach, in Waterfront Park, and your private home.  Just imagine your family or loved one with you with a wonderful smile with this image as your backdrop.  I promise you that all your family and friends will be jealous when you send out those holiday cards.  Book your sunrise or sunset session with us today for just $50.  For more information please visit our website at  You can call at 843-982-0770 or email from the Dunes